The Taxi Road Rally
The Taxi Road Rally is a 4 day seminar sponsored by the music industry for Taxi members and their guests only. It is attended by songwriters, musicians, bands, producers, publishers, and record-label-A&R-people. The 4 days consists of lectures, discussions, interviews, recorded music and live music by Taxi members.

The Grand Ballroom Stage, where many hopeful and
talented musicians were given a chance to perform.

Tom with Jamie Cohen, currently producing a TV show about the Mississippi Blues

Tom with Darren Todd, guitarist for Melodrome, one of four bands
that performed on Friday night. Darren has recorded and toured
with Arlo Guthrie, and the avant garde band Big Spider Tribe

Jacob, Jerry Vandiver, and Tom. Jerry is a songwriter who has songs on over thirteen million records by various artists including Barbara Mandrell and Tim McGraw.

Jacob, Steve Seskin, and Tom. Steve is also a songwriter
with many hits by artists such as Peter Frampton, Waylon
Jennings, Alabama, Mark Wills, and Peter Paul and Mary.

Tom and San Diego based singer songwriter Dave Howard.
Tom and Dave have been good friends since the early 1990's

Here is Jacob with Johnny Young and his wife
Michelle from Brooklyn. Johnny is a great singer

We All Jammed in the bar at the hotel. It was a freak-for-all

Taxi's mascot was on display in front of the hotel.