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Alligator in Monterey
Alligator and the band
From Left to Right: Allen Douglas (Keyboard), Ken Arconti (Guitar), Tom Savell (Fiddle), Joel Savell (Bass guitar), Dhani James (Mandolin), Alligator (Accordian)

The city of Monterey, California is famous for the Monterey Aquarium, the historic Cannery Row, and the Fisherman's Wharf. Every year, the Monterey 4th of July Parade marches through the downtown streets, with a variety of floats and performances from local organizations and people.

In what has become an annual tradition, Still Fumin's own Tom, Jacob, & Joel Savell marched and played music in the parade with Alligator, the former Rodeo cowboy turned bandleader. Alligator's bayou blues style is always a parade favorite, drawing cheers as he showboats for the crowd with his accordian, while the band provides the backdrop with a New Orleans boogie rhythm. Alligator's son Dhani also marched with the band, strumming a mandolin.

With Tom on the violin, Joel on bass guitar, and Jacob pulling an impressive rolling amplifier rig, the parade was once again a success and a lot of fun.

Mariachi band in the parade
The rolling amplifier rig that Still Fumin' set up for Alligator. Ready to go!

Mariachi band in the parade
A Mexican style mariachi band getting ready for the parade.